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Gevril Tribeca Chronograph (Paul Newman Homage) Bracelet Question

I have a Gevril Tribeca Chronograph, what might be termed at Ħ°Paul NewmanĦħ Homage. Anyway, it is currently on a rally-type leather strap and I know it originally came on a bracelet. I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what the bracelet looked like on the original Paul Newman or a version that looked like this one and where I might get a bracelet that would look like it. The watch has 19mm lugs.

... 19mm oyster bracelet.
"I would never measure my most important resource with a cheap instrument"


Time's too short to measure with a cheap watch.

Readily available aftermarket, through many sources.
I've always liked the Tribeca, and yours looks very sharp! I went the cheapest possible route for my 'Paul Newman' homage. The head wasn't all that bad (for what I paid), but the bracelet was very cheaply made.

I just bought a Hamilton Panda. I love the look.